Poetry Publications

Melting Point

Published in print in Pirene’s Fountain in November 2017.

Victim, Blaming

Published online in Juked in April 2017.

Cheeseburger Dream Girl

Published online in Crack the Spine in April 2016 and later anthologized in a print edition.

Trigger Warning

Published online in Rust + Moth in October 2016.

Hello My Name Is-

Published in print in The Skylark Review in October 2015.

A Dream About You, Again (and Again and Again)

Published online in Words Dance in July 2015.

It's Elbows All the Way Down!

Published online in Antiphon in June 2015. An audio recording of me reading the poem is available here.

I Could Never Be an Astronomer

Important Federal Student Loan Information

Published in print in Torrid Literature Journal in April 2015.

Jersey Stop&Shop

Published online in Rougarou in January 2015.

The Year of Metal and Blood

Heavier Than Air

Published online in The Loch Raven Review in January 2015.

The Last Hallelujah

Published in print in Albatross in September 2014.

Learned Happiness

Published online in Melancholy Hyperbole in July 2014.

Measuring Your Own Grave

Published online in JMWW in January 2014.


Nature in a Crowded State

Published in the Of Sun and Sand anthology from Kind of a Hurricane Press in August 2013.

Exit 14a

Published online in Seltzer in June 2013.